"Hi Donna. I cant tell you how much Im loving my wand.  My foot neuropathy is 85% better! I bought a much more expensive wand and had a lot of issues with it. So much more comfortable with yours." 
Julie Sorick, Bend, OR

"I have been using the violet ray wand on my wife and myself. Her blood sugar has dropped on average 50 points (from over 200 to about 150) after only 3 days. We are excited about the possibilities! She does not want to take insulin anymore. Best of health to you! Greg V. Sequim, WA

"Good Morning Donna, After 7 months of serious sinus congestion, using decongestants, getting into the horrible "rebound" cycle, trying to use mometasone, the steroidal spray which has historically, easily helped me escape "rebound"...I thought I was caught and would need to use decongestants the rest of my life...I found your Violet Ray technology. And after just 10 days of 10 minute treatments, I am now on day 8 of being free from sinus trouble. I can breathe!!! Thank you Donna!! My wife Eva has been troubled with arthritis, and extreme electromagnetic sensitivity....and she too is finding relief from painful, limiting function. But I'll let her write you with more detail in time. Tesla's gift is helping us in ways nothing else could touch. Thanks again, Rev. David H., Canada
"I had dental surgery in January last year... three root canal teeth and one other all removed, four ceramic implants.Three months later, I went in for the crowns and after the xray the surgeon was shocked to see all the new bone grown around the implants. She called in the doctor to look at the xray. They both said they had never seen the bone heal like this before. I used the wand on my face and gums almost everyday after surgery."
(.shelleerae   www.shelleerae.comAshland, OR

"The Violet Ray has removed several moles. Amazing to see them pop out! My scar tissue is so much better too. I can't believe what it does to surgical scar tissue! " Rex G., Maine

"I get chronic sinusitus so I bought the sinus electrode. When I use it I have no allergies nor sinus pain. I massage my swollen glands on my eyes too and feel better".
Lil Canjura, CA - Facebook Review
"The Violet Ray Wand healed a flesh-eating microbial disease on my leg!" Jayne Jay, FaceBook Review

"Dear Donna, I'm writing to thank you for the encouragement in the persistant use of the Violet Ray Wand. Recently, I had suffered a slight groin pull doing some yard work outside. I decided to use the wand three times a day and within two days the discomfort I was suffering had vanished. With a renewed faith in the healing process brought about by the Violet Ray energy, I began a daily use to help heal my prostate. Already after only three weeks of consistent use, I am beginning to observe a difference in urine flow. I plan to continue use and eventually get rid of the medication I've come to rely on. Again, with the consistent use the healing possibilities are exponential. Sincerely, Michael, CO"

"Hi Donna. I met you at Michael's. I live in CO also. I would like the same Violet Ray Wand set that Michael has. I purchased what I thought was an inexpensive equivalent ($50) online and it did not work. I had to bang it against my hand for it to kick in, and then it would go out again." Kristi O., CO

"Donna saw me limping around the Coop and asked what was wrong. I said I was about to have my 3rd meniscus surgery on my knee and was in a lot of pain. She told me to stop by her place where she wanded by knee for about 5 mins. It felt worse for a couple of days and then all of a sudden the pain was completely gone. Surgery canceled. That was over 5 years ago and still no issue today!" George, Ashland, OR

I climbed Mt. Rainer last weekend and my knee just blew up like a balloon and I thought I had blown it out again. I gave it a few healthy of doses of the Violet Ray and life is good so thanks a lot. I appreciate everything you do.
Adam Russell, Ashland, OR

I recently started to use the Violent Ray Wand and Im so excited to have this tool to allow me to be in control of my health. I had an individual session with Donna and she showed me how to adjust the volume knob to achieve what she calls the 'sweet spot', which is when there is a frequency that starts to hum and crackle on top of the general hum of the wand, and the gas visibly also starts to move and respond to the area that is being worked. Surprisingly, its not necessarily the wand at top volume; and in any area that I am working, once the crackle stops, thats my cue to move the wand to the next point in the general area that I am working. The focused use of the wand is really accelerating whatever Im working on, and its allowing me to work really deliberately with the wand with fantastic results. Donna has zeroed in on a fantastic technology and a deeper understanding of how to use the technology, which is such a gift. Lise Hamilton, Crescent City, CA

"I was so impressed with my treatment. I strained my shoulder three months ago lifting my toddler and have tried everything to get the tendon to heal. I had one five minute treatment with Donna and the next day there was no remnants of pain or stiffness in my shoulder. That wands ability to accelerate healing was impressive"
- Aga K, Brookings, Oregon

A good friend of mine came to to visit and had purchased the Violet Ray .He had issues with pain that the wand seem to help so he demonstrated it to me and ask me if I had any injured areas to treat. I brought up my knee pain and he proceeded to treat it.  After a 15 minute treatment I had less pain and later that day there was no pain. I ended up buying my own wand and use it to keep an active pain free life style. I do not care to take pain relievers orally so this wand was a good alternative for me and it seems to be worth the price.  Chris Armstrong, Los Angeles, CA

"He broke every rib, his eye came out of socket, broke femur, pelvic you get the drift. He was a mess.  Now with the Violet Ray he is doing so much better..."  Carol K., New York

I would like to report that I recently decided to get my own wand from Donna, as I was hoping that it would be helpful for severe pain that suddenly showed up in my hip. Well, I did one 20 minute session the night before last, and yesterday..........NO PAIN IN MY HIP!! I can't wait to use it for other older pains I have been dragging around! Thank you Donna and Tesla!!!!!! Natalya K., Ashland, OR

I used the light saber electrode on my back last nite, and I felt the muscles contract and release, contract and release, and then I felt the energy move up my body and OUT my arms, with cramps in my forearms for a few moments until the energy moved OUT! I drank , water, detox tea, and now have more zeolite - sooo WOW! Now, about 24 ours later, i feel so so so so so much LESS pain and less discomfort - aMAziNG! Thank you soooo much!!!! Oshana, Ashland, OR

My first wand experience left me feeling very relaxed and helped me sleep well in the evening. In the morning my energy felt very clear. When a large rock rolled onto my foot and hurt it I used the wand and by the next day the limp was going away. After one more day there was no limp or pain. It healed amazingly fast from using the wand. The full-body session really helps my rheumatoid arthritis. Luna D., Cave Junction, OR

My head injury is beginning to improve - its a slow process but the wand has hurried it, I know. When I dropped a drinking glass on my big toe.I had it x-rayed and contusion was the outcome--lots of swelling--black and blue. I've been using the wand on it and the improvement after only the 3 days has been AMAZING! The swelling is down, I can put some weight on it now. It is so much better so fast. Also been using it on my knee that needs medial miniscus surgery as it has been really hurting - much relief! I can never thank you enough! Love to you! Chris K., Ashland, OR

This healing session made me feel grounded, loving my body, feeling Chi moving freely in my hips. Feeling a desire to go dancing! Merle C., Ashland, OR

"When my husband had a gout attack while we were on vacation, I gave him one zeolite capsule and it got better immediately.  By the following morning, he told me that his swelling was down to zero and the pain level also went down to almost zero. I saw him take two more capsules :)"  Yuko K., Huntington Beach, CA