Zeolite Scam & Disinfo Warning

My first warning is about so-called “liquid” zeolites. There is no such thing as “liquid” zeolites, period, no matter what the manufacturer says. Zeolites are a ROCK—a CRYSTAL—and do not dissolve in water. A very expensive “liquid” zeolite product called “Natural Cellular Defense” marketed by Waioria was tested by some of its customers. The tests revealed that it was WATER. The case did not go to trial and was settled out of court. The company is making so much money for selling a dropper bottle filled with water for $60 they gave the plaintiffs a very hefty settlement and they try to scrub any online documentation of this lawsuit. Meanwhile, they continue to sell this water posing as liquid “zeolites”.





They have claimed they put “nano” zeolites in the water and you cannot see them.
IF that is even true, it is DANGEROUS to ingest nano ANYTHING because its
so small it goes in to the bloodstream and crosses the blood/brain barrier with NO EXIT PATH!

The zeolites must NOT leave the gut. The negative charge in the zeolites mobilizes the toxins
FROM the brain TO the gut then you expel them from the body forever during elimination of stool.

Also, why would you want your zeolites cages NANO because they will be too small to
take up the larger particles inside the cages? It negates the entire reason for taking
zeolites to detox from heavy metals, etc.

I am not saying the zeolites I sell are the “best” but I know they are very
high quality and for medical use.

Zeolite Disinfo

In addition there has been some demonization of zeolites with false statements by some including the
“Health Ranger” Mike Adams who says they have LEAD in them. This is not true.
There is aluminum in the structure but it does not break down to be taken up inside
the body and there are studies that prove this. Some will also say they remove
minerals from your body. This is also not true.

For the best information on zeolites read the actual STUDIES like the

Critical Review on Zeolite Clinoptilolite Safety and Medical Applications in vivo

This study links to other studies like the Anti-Cancer study.

The best time to take zeolites is just prior to bed time so they take up toxins during
the assimilation process thus preventing the toxins from being reabsorbed by the colon. They can also
be taken in the morning on an empty stomach or any other time of the
day but prior to bed time is preferential.

The ideal amount is about 6 capsules or teaspoons per day.
Start off slowly since they do mobilize toxins and work your way up.
You could start out with 1 per day and work your way up to 9 per day but no more than 9 per day is recommended.

Since the Violet Ray also mobilizes toxins the zeolites work very synergistically
in taking up the toxins that have been mobilized to the gut by the lympathic system.

This is natures science and should not be tampered with via nanotechnology, etc.

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