If you are interested in purchasing a Violet Ray wand, it is necessary
to do a short screening  and orientation to make sure it is the right device for you.
I prefer to have people do the screening before speaking on the telephone.
Once the screening has been received, I will review it and respond.  Please copy and paste
the questions in blue below into an email with your answers in a different font or color to make
it easier to decipher the information and make the best recommendations for your situation.  
Please answer all 15 questions and put your name and number at the bottom.
The email to send your questionnaire to is
I may contact you via telephone to discuss the details with you and answer any questions.
The cost of the wand kit with 7 electrodes is $170 plus $15 for US shipping and $55 for shipping
to Canada. For other countries, send your shipping address with your screening
and I will figure out the cost to ship a wand to you.  The screening is not optional and I
will not ship a wand to anyone who bypasses this important screening and attempts to purchase a wand
 Once approved, if you decide to purchase a wand, you may use the PayPal button at the bottom of this page.
Thank you such much for your interest and I look forward to being of service.

Inside each box there are two instruction sheets and a cloth for cleaning your electrodes.
You will want a spray bottle of alcohol also along with a lubricant for the area to be worked on. 
I recommend using an extension cord that is grounded. You may want to make  a cover for your wand handle
to protect it from oils which can break down the plastic and make it sticky.
Each wand recipient will be emailed a 20-page PDF document with links filled with information on the Violet Ray
included in the purchase price. Also included in the price is a phone consultation and ongoing phone support.

All electrodes are guaranteed to be compatible with the ZP Zap wand. No other guarantees. 

Reverand Donna Dove

If this text BELOW is difficult to read please highlight it with your cursor.
If I use white it does not show up when a person copies and paste into email...

        1.)  Do you have any metal plates or pins?     (Wand may cause tingling around the metal)

2.) Any metal jewelry that cannot be removed? (The wand should not directly contact the metal.)

3.)   Are you taking any prescription or synthetic drugs on an ongoing basis?             (The frequencies will remove all toxins from the body, over time--this includes pharmaceuticals. If you are taking medication for something it will remove it from your body and your symptoms could return so use caution and do not overuse this device if you are on medication. In addition, the wand can cause serious detox symptoms! *Natural Medical Marijuana is not a problem because it is not toxic. For more info on Detox/Herxheimer***Click here for an important article on Detox Symptoms called Herxheimer Reaction> 

4.)  How often do you smoke cigarettes?

5.)  Describe your diet.                          How often do you eat junk food or fast food?

6.)  Do you ever do internal cleansing?                       What kind?

7.)  Do you monitor your pH?         What do the test results show?

8.)  How often do you consume alcoholic beverages of any kind?     (The Violet Ray is not safe to use with alcohol in the blood due to potentially fatal complications that I don’t understand and could cause death.)

9.) Do you have an electronic hearing implant or pacemaker that cannot be removed?   (This high-frequency device can interfere with these and other electronics in the room and damage them. Interferes with pacemakers)

10.)Women: Are you pregnant?                       (Too risky for pregnant women.)

11.)Do you have a heart murmur or heart disease?      (Do not wand directly over the heart, in these cases, but from the back.)

12.)Do you have any mercury fillings?         (You will definitely need to take Zeolites because this will cause the mercury to be released into your system) This is the best Zeolite powder I am aware of. You will need to make capsules using vegcaps and a Time Capsule maker: Zeolite MED® detox powder
Warning -- There is an issue with a liquid zeolite scam. Please order a reputable veg-cap encapsulated powder or make your own capsules with the powder. If you do research you will see there are lawsuits against the liquid zeolite makers because they are just water. Zeolites are not water soluble so you cannot dilute them in water and "liquify" them.
They do contain very trace amounts of lead and aluminum but they are very stable in your body. They will pull toxins through the lymphatic system and into the gut then  out of the body inside their molecular cages using a negative ionic charge --they do not dissolve into your body. 

13.)Do you have a fear of electricity or extreme electro-sensitivity?  

14.)Are you currently experiencing any pain or other complaints?     Please explain.

15.)Where did you hear about the Violet Ray and Zero Point Zap? This helps me reach the right people.

The wand does create certain sensations in the body you may want to be aware of as well as creates Ozone--You may feel deferred twitches and other sensations as the energy removes blockages. Some areas of the skin are more sensitive than others and you may feel a sort of stinging. In some instances, when the energy blockage is being removed, you may feel some slight pain in that nerve that will slowly subside as the blockage is removed. The dial can be adjusted for a lower setting in these cases, if needed. Occasionally, you may feel a spark or zap from the wand. Just relax, breath, and allow your aura to drink in the prana. After a treatment, you may experience some redness and/or itching as toxins are released through the skin. You may also feel soreness in areas as tension releases from the myofacia and muscles rearrange themselves into their proper position. This is normal.

*I have read and understand this information and I agree to ask the same questions of anyone I would share my wand with, if I purchase one. 
Name                                                    Phone    

Once you have completed the Screening/Orientation and have been approved for purchasing this device, you may place your order via PayPal here for $170 plus US shipping  of $15
via USPS Priority Mail with Insurance and Tracking.

Due to so many Inquiries from Canada,  I am now shipping wands to

with a a shipping charge of $55 via USPS International Priority Express with Insurance and Tracking
I am not set up to ship wands overnight for next day delivery.

The Screening/Orientation is REQUIRED--NOT OPTIONAL. I screen people very carefully because this device is
not for everyone. Please read all information and watch all the videos I provide and make sure you really want this
because I do not give refunds to people who do not understand this technology.
It is what it is and I am not making claims. I offer a free telephone consultation
to everyone before and after their purchase so be sure and do your part and participate.

 I appreciate people being conscious and  participating in this important process. 
Thank you for your interest in the Violet Ray. Have WANDerful

  If you have passed the screening, scroll for purchasing options.
Leave a 'Note' for which optional electrodes you purchase and which color in the PayPal system.
**if you have a problem with the Buy Now button, I can send a custom invoice to your email address...
If you have submitted screening and are approved for purchase ONLY