Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

The Violet Ray operates in the realm of Quantum Physics. Since most of us are not taught about Quantum Mechanics, we are
unable to understand the world of vibrations,  frequencies and wave forms. The Tesla Coil emits a
pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF) that is tuned to oscillate between 60,000 hertz and 200,000 hertz as designated by Tesla. Tesla designed it with doctors in France for this healing frequency. When you exceed that limit you create disharmony in the body. Some Violet Rays are mechanical based on the original technology. Some, like the ZPZap Wand are based on Solid State technology with a circuit board meaning no moving parts and a quiet appliance with the only sound being produced by the plasma itself as it reads and purifies your body... Both types of VR technology produce the desired frequencies transmitted via plasma, the 4th state of matter. The Violet Ray ALSO produces OZONE which is a very powerful healing modality within itself. No other PEMF devices or electrotherapy devices create ozone including the TENS units which are "galvanic" DC current... The device "reads" your electromagnetic field and emits the PEMF that is required, even multiple frequencies at one time. It is similar to a Rife but different in that the frequency is self-regulated by the plasma. You can think of the vibrational frequency as cymatics. The frequencies will eject anything that is foreign and toxic to your body while restoring the divine natural blueprint in your DNA, without distortions. This is the best explanation I can think of. It is not approved by the FDA.

Can the Violet Ray heal my__________?

Since the Flexner Report of 1910, the Violet Ray was relegated to "quack" so you can buy Big Pharma drugs
and get butchered but not cured. Since the FDA has chosen not to approve this device for medical use,
I cannot make any claims about what it can do. I can say that the potential exists for it
to help with any issue but it is different for each person. From the screening, I can tell how your body
will probably respond to the device. I can also make recommendations for adjunct therapies, etc. I do
my best to give my clients all the information they need when they become a client to achieve their goals. A person needs
to also do some of their own research, as well, because there is so much it does. I have provided links to
old vintage  manuals that make the claims that I am unable to make. There is also a very good book linked to my index page
that you can download, print, and read. If you have an issue to resolve, I can't think of a better thing to invest in
to apply to the issue. You will have to do your part and USE IT in order to respond to it. You have to love yourself and really want
to heal, in order for that to happen. This may require ongoing, consistent use for a period of time.

Is it safe to use?

As long as you are aware of the complications and follow the instructions provided by ZP Zap, the Violet Ray is safe it use. If you
do not follow the instructions provided, you may experience headaches and other detox symptoms similar to the flu.
Since the device is not for everyone, I do not sell them to anyone who seems too risky to support.

What does “solid state” technology mean?

Solid State technology is based on wires, circuits, and circuit boards. The original devices were mechanical. They tend to be
very loud and they tend to break down fairly often. The handhelds are heavy (3 lbs) and large in diameter.
They do not have a low setting for finding the sweet spot and many have told me they spark your hand
through the handle. I use two vintage doctor's kit units, as well,  but I use my ZPZap wand 90% of the time. I prefer
the newer wands because they are so quiet I can hear the plasma very easily. I have an ability to use the sounds of
the plasma as a "feedback" mechanism which anyone can do, if they focus. I find them to operate
like a painless, noninvasive laser surgery.

How does your ZPZap wand compare to other units?

There are several different types of electrotherapy devices on the market including battery operated,
solid state, and mechanical. Of the solid state devices, I purchased many many different ones and tested them over time
for functionality and durability. The wand I am selling now is very powerful and very durable,
for the price. It is much stronger than any of the other solid state devices and less strong that a device like the Baar.
I do not like comparing mine to Baar because I have much respect for
the Cayce Institute who promotes that device. They have tried to stay true to the original design of the
Master Violet Ray invented by Tesla. Since I cannot afford the Baar unit, I cannot speak first hand
of it but I have owned a vintage Master Violet Ray unit the Baar is modeled after. I have also spoken to
people who have owned the Baar unit and they say it is just like the Master Violet Ray. I sold my
Master Violet Ray because I did not enjoy using it. It was heavy and has a large
diameter that I found uncomfortable to hold. It can spark your hand through the
Bakelite handle especially if you are wearing a ring. It emits a hotter plasma and can burn the skin very easily. It will
peter out in about 5 minutes due to overheating and must be turned off. I opted for vintage
doctor's kits instead of a vintage handheld, for these reasons. I do like working with both types of the
technology, personally. The Baar unit is an OEM from a neon sign testing unit
from a company called Electrotechnic Products.
It is sold on Amazon by other people for much less.
The Amazon reviews say ITS TOO STRONG. You may as well spend half as much and get yourself a nice collector's
vintage doctor's kit with many attachments. I run my old vintage doctor's kits sparingly and
regularly have to have them repaired. Its almost impossible to find a good high voltage technician to do this work
but it is very nice to use one sometimes. (The ZPZap wand has a one-year warranty.
If your handle dies outside of warranty, I sell replacements to existing clients for only $50.)

Where is it made?

This violet ray unit is manufactured in China.

Why do you do a “screening/orientation”?

 I do the screening/orientation for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it is very important to follow directions with this device.
If a person is unable/unwilling to do the screening, I feel they do not have respect for the power of this energy. I was
guided to create a screening after I worked with the device for over a year making many mistakes and giving myself
very extreme Herxheimer reaction which I would wish on no one. Secondly, I feel it would be irresponsible to sell this
device to someone who is high risk or someone who is not doing their part. If you are taking care of yourself on
other levels you will receive more benefits from the device. If you are unhealthy and toxic, you will experience
much discomfort from the device and stop using it. A person may want to return the device if it is not helping them
so I just remove that factor from the equation upfront since I cannot sell a used device and cannot take returns. And lastly,
these devices are popular with the BDSM community who want to abuse the device and disparage its medical benefits.
I do not wish to cater to this community.

Why do you not take returns?

Once a device has been used, I can no longer sell it as new. I do not have a market for used ones. I do my best to screen out
people who do not seem to understand or appreciate what the device is. I had someone who changed
their mind because they chose allopathy and decided to get the tooth pulled instead of using this
therapy  so I made an exception and it was a nightmare to get the device back and it was dirty when I got it back.
I will never give another refund unless the device has not yet been shipped.

Why is it not FDA approved for medical use?

The Violet Ray was very popular at the turn of the last century up until about 1950. Much of the story is on my index page.
The Flexner Report of 1910 was a devious attempt to undermine the medical industry in this country. The USA is
the only country that has banned the device for medical use. It is approved by the Russian Ministry of Health and Russia
manufactures a version of this device but it is only available in 220V with neon/orange gas.

Is it FDA approved for dermatological issues?

The Violet Ray is FDA approved for dermatological issues including killing the acne bacteria, tightening the skin,
removed moles, warts, and age spots. It is also FDA approved for restoring hair growth.

How do you order?

Answer the 14 questions on the screening and send them to [email protected]. I will respond and let you
know if you are someone who will respond well to the device and if there are any potential complications in your case.
Once you are approved you can place an order via the drop-down menus on the ordering page.

How long do they last?

 I have been selling these for 8 years, so far, and they are lasting for quite a long time. I have had a few
to go out during the warranty period, which I have replaced. A few have gone out after the
warranty expired so I made the handles available as replacements for my clients for only $50 plus shipping.
I would say they last an average of 5-10 years.

What is the voltage output?

The voltage output is up to 20,000 volts. The Pulsed Eloctromagnetic Frequency
oscillates between 60,000 and 200,000 I had them tested and did get an image of the scalar wave from an
oscilloscope. This image is on the index page and shows all the data.
This gets a bit technical for me, since I am a healer. All I know is that this device works and I have stood
behind it for over 8 years now with a cast of happy clients. Please view my TESTIMONIALS.

PLEASE do NOT confuse the 60hz input from the wall socket as the OUTPUT!

What is the wattage (input) to the device?

This violet ray device takes only 10 watts. If you think that a higher wattage product is better
for you then please do not buy this device. We work with this device using it correctly and not on high.
People have experienced tremendous healing using a TENS battery-operated device. More
is NOT better when it comes to electrotherapy. Using it consistently and doing your part is more important, to me.